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This documentation will cover how Flex integrates with Square POS.

The aim of this integration is to pass orders from Flex to Square.  The orders will display in Square and include the following:

  • Order details (status, date, delivery date, location)
  • Customer in the order
  • Products in the order
  • Total amounts
  • Payment

Square Integration Rules and Notes

1. The Customer reconciliation between the two systems is done by the Customer Name.

2. On each import you will be prompted with a mapping screen that allows you to match your contacts and products in Flex Catering to your respective ones in Square. If no contact or product is mapped, a new one will be created in Square.

3. After the import is initiated, Orders can take a few minutes to show in Square. We recommend importing in batches of up to 10 orders per import.

4. Order Status Matching:

Flex Catering = Square

  • Pending = In Progress
  • New = New
  • Approved = Ready, Active
  • Invoice = Complete

Notes on Status:

  • Cancelled orders in Flex can’t be imported to Square.
  • Complete and Cancelled orders in Square can no longer be edited.
  • Orders imported via API (via this integration) can’t be edited in Square. They must be edited in Flex and re-imported to Square. The re-import will update the order in Square (when possible based on the rules).

5. Ticks next to each orders in the order list:

  • No tick: Order hasn’t been imported.
  • Green tick: Successfully imported into Square.
  • Yellow tick: It was successfully imported but has been edited since. It can be re-imported.
  • Red tick: failed to import. It can be re-imported.

6. Delivery fee (and extra delivery fee) passes to Square as line item in order.

7. Discount passes to Square as line item in order.

8. Square recalculate the order totals. There might be some price discrepancy after Flex posted the order data via API due to Square rounding up rules and the way it calculates totals.

Flex Square Integration Tutorial

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Joseph Calnan
Joseph Calnan
20:11 15 Dec 19
Great software for our small catering company. It has revolutionised the way we work from taking orders online to invoicing. The team at Flex have also been incredibly helpful throughout the whole process and are immediately available if/when we have any issues/questions.
Lauren Hamilton
Lauren Hamilton
23:27 28 Nov 19
Excellent service and support from the team - great to easily be able to problem solve as needed. Product fits our needs, makes things easy and is simple to use if you have some (small amount) of experience with similar software. A great solution.
Rael Ross
Rael Ross
02:11 18 Nov 19
Hands down, the best catering software we have ever come across!
Peter Botros
Peter Botros
01:23 05 Aug 19
Flex Catering was the best business decision we made. It has built consistency within the business and provided transparency for our customers. Now customers can view and order from our online menu. Our staff can easily identify the confirmed orders and print specific production reports for the kitchen and drivers. Customer support is always online and very helpful. New versions are released every few weeks or so with nice additional features which are always very welcome and helpful. A big thumbs up to the Flex team :)
Email David
Email David
00:14 14 Apr 19
Very quick, very good and getting better all the time - great customer experience
John Mulligan
John Mulligan
20:27 11 Mar 19
Flex catering provide a great personalised service an excellent product that is constantly evolving based on feedback from their clients. Well done.
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