City of Melbourne COVID-19 business grants

The COVID-19 crisis is here. While at Flex Catering are confident we will overcome this situation as a nation, it is important to adapt and see the opportunity in it.

Online Ordering has seen an unprecedented growth in the last few weeks as more and more people are ordering online and avoid going out. In addition, as restaurants and cafes are required to shut down, online ordering brings an avenue to continue to reach customers.

City of Melbourne has launched a grant initiative to help businesses with up to $5000 for investing in online and e-commerce activities. You can apply for the Grant here.

We have crafted full turnkey online ordering website solution. Go live within the day with a great looking online ordering website using Flex Catering (food businesses) or Edge Commerce (non food businesses).

Flex Catering offers a complete KDS (kitchen display system), where your kitchen can see the order feed as they come from the online shop. From the KDS they can mark the order as completed and print the package label. Flex Catering is crafted for restaurants and cafes and include tools such as minimum order quantity, cut-off times, delivery date and time on checkout, postcode validation and more.

We are an Australian based software as a service company specialised in food service. We are here to help you get up and running with your ecommerce website as quick as possible. We have partnered with major credit card merchants, accounting software and marketing tools to give you an end-to-end solution for selling online.

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