What You Need to Know About System Catering

You’ve both seen and heard of Dejavu, but you probably don’t believe it. System catering can drive that point into your subconscious mind while leaving you mesmerized with a feeling of Dejavu.

What is system catering, you ask? System catering is an innovative catering solution that enables individuals to enjoy the same quality of food and services at any branch of a particular restaurant or catering company.

It is a system of catering which is centrally coordinated. As a result, other branches of a particular catering chain have the same features with the centrally coordinating branch. Here is what I mean: they have the same exterior; interior fixtures and fittings; and quality control standards — this explains why I said every branch you go could inspire a Dejavu.

Note, however, that the topic of discussion, here, isn’t relatable with restaurants, because restaurants are not primarily seen as catering chains but are merely food providers. That is, they only satisfy an individual’s immediate hunger by providing excellent, pre-made food. Caterers, on the other hand, offer food services in larger quantities for a variety of purposes and occasions. Some restaurants offer catering too, but normally catering orders are made-to-order and delivered to the client’s location.

Why System Catering?

Like many other organizations which have benefited from the world’s fast-growing technology, especially in the digital space, the catering sector isn’t left out. Although it seemed like many organizations were already better off, but there has always been the need to improve. System catering makes it possible to improve catering services in our world today by applying the same high-level principle initially used by restaurant food chains.

Here are some of the reasons system catering is a system to be adopted by all catering service providers:

• Ability to standardize the methods of food preparation throughout all branches (yes, it is possible to standardize and still keep it fresh and interesting).
• Creation of a more efficient management system, which is usually difficult, time-consuming, and limited with human beings.
• A simplified implementation of quality control policies throughout the catering company.

What Are the Applications of System Catering?

There are many aspects of a catering company that system catering has revolutionized for those who are already practicing it. The challenge with big, long-chain companies is management, and this is what system catering aims to resolve.

System catering can be applied to small catering companies, well-established catering businesses, and other kinds of catering services in the following ways:

• The proper and easier dissemination of information to member-branches of a food company.
• The standardizing of food preparation methods, quality control policy, and so on among all member-branches.
• For proper management of member-branches, account (payment, orders, deliveries, invoices, etc.), kitchen production, people, staff, and more.

Benefits of System Catering

What can I gain from using system catering, you ask? There are so many things to win, and, obviously, I can’t exhaust the list.

But, don’t worry. Here are few of the significant changes system catering can bring to your catering business:

• More productivity and profit since you’d require less use of workforce who are prone to falling sick, getting fatigued, and becoming inefficient.
• Fewer errors which can be a result of wrong personal judgement or bias by members of staff.
• You’d get to save more money as software can now do the bulk of what only humans, initially, could do.

Software Used in System Catering

Guess what? We’re right where we were headed. Software are the tools in system catering that can transform your business and give it an edge over others in the same field. They differ in functions including kitchen, customer, and hospitality operations management; recipes management; nutrition information collation; catering and event planning management; and so on.

Because they are numerous, it might be challenging to find just the one your catering company needs. See below an excellent service that will give your catering company the software built around system catering processes.

Flex Catering Software Solution

Flex Catering is a software which is dedicated to meeting the needs of all kinds of catering services. Much more, it provides a seamless e-commerce module that allows people to order food online.

If you’re engaged in food service catering, Flex Catering promises to simplify every complex task ranging from taking the orders to managing your production.

As an independent caterer and Cafe, you can also utilize the software to your advantage. Track all your orders on the e-commerce module, make your food known to a bigger audience, and get ready to make more money.

As an event caterer, the software will help you a great deal. Events need a lot of planning, so you should lay your hands on sophisticated software that can help you plan all your events quickly and accurately.

And guess what? It is not that expensive.


System catering is the new wave in catering businesses. Our world has gone digital. Sectors are taking advantage of the digital space, and digital just got better with catering services. Take action right now! Do your catering business the new way!

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