Press Release 01 May 2018 – Flex Catering Aims To Cut Costs

Flex Catering Aims To Cut Costs and Boost Workflow For Australia’s $8bn Food Catering Industry

Melbourne based start-up, Flex Catering, is set to launch its food catering software into the Australian market at the 2018 Food Service Australian Exhibition Fair. The company has been working with leading food caterers to build a viable and much needed vendor in the food catering software industry. The SaaS platform will be a boon for ambitious caterers in need of fast, easy-to-use, cost effective yet highly sophisticated end-to-end management capabilities. Built into an existing ecommerce platform, Flex Catering is bringing ultimate ecommerce capabilities and specialised catering features.

The market potential for the software in Australia is enormous. Ibisworld cites 3,701 businesses employing 40,000 professionals with revenue of $8 billion 2017. And the ABS says the catering industry has nearly tripled in the past 10 years. Flex Catering is on a mission to make the lives of these caterers a whole lot easier.

An initial look at the platform suggests a sleek and easy-to-use dashboard interface combined with multiple functions. Caterers can expect local tech support and a simple month-to-month payment option that includes ALL features, modules and future updates. Caterers won’t have the hassle of having to purchase additional apps according to their needs. It’s a fixed monthly price for all caterers regardless of size.

Functionality includes:

  • Order Management
  • Order Tracking
  • Online Shopping
  • Reporting
  • CRM Capabilities
  • SEO Tools
  • Easy-to-manage product uploads
  • Payment Processing, and
  • Accounting Integration and other automations

All this comes with powerful automation and reporting tools so caterers can get on with the important task of servicing their clients, managing their kitchens and marketing their services to new clients.

The founders of Flex Catering conducted a pre-launch in late March 2018. This was well received by market participants leading to a number enquiries and client subscriptions. According to the Directors, Ren and Cris:

“Our new Flex Catering customers are thrilled with the many easy to use functionalities, such as product management, client order intake and integration with their accounting systems. All combined with a price that they can actually afford. They love the product!”

Flex Catering’s platform most certainly paves the way for a much needed alternative to incumbent providers. It provides greater functionality at a lower price point making it a very attractive solution for caterers both big and small.

The company is offering early adopters a 50% discount on its monthly payment plan for the first 6 months of use. No lock-in contracts and the offer is for a limited time only. Local food caterers who are interested can head to to take advantage of this offer.

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